Walking Histories

Historical Walking Tours of Amsterdam

Walking Histories offers historical walking tours of Amsterdam that go beyond the ordinary. We offer high quality history tours that are tailored to your needs. Wether you just have an hour to spare, or you want to go for a day long history experience, Walking Histories will provide you with the best tour possible. So get away from the masses and enjoy a historical tour that will genuinely answer your questions and enlighten your knowledge. 

Tailored tours of Amsterdam

What to expect from a tailored tour?

Tailored tours by Walking Histories start by asking you about your interests and background. Maybe your ancestors were Dutch and therefore you would like to know more about Dutch colonial history and the traces that this has left in Amsterdam? Or maybe the history of religious (in)tolerance is something you're interested in and you want me to focus on this aspect of Amsterdam history. Or is it urban development that sparks your interest? We could have a wonderful walk along the canals and focus on this unique piece of 17th-century urban planning.